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  1. Crossing streets

    When you see a person with visual impairment or blindness waiting at an intersection, how do you assist this person?

  2. Correct guidance

    How do you guide a person with visual impairment or blindness?

  3. Explain directions

    If you would like to explain a direction, e.g., where a certain object is located, how do you manage this?

  4. Parking a bicycle

    Where do you park your bicycling when you go downtown?

  5. Open doors and windows

    How far do you open doors and windows, e.g. to ventilate the room?

  6. Addressing blind persons

    When you meet a person with visual impairment or blindness, who is walking with an assisting person, whom do you address?

  7. Blowing the horn

    When you are sitting in your car, how do you point to something for persons with visual impairment or blindness, e.g. indicate a dangerous spot?

  8. Wording

    Do you avoid words like „see“ when you are talking to a blind person?

  9. Light or no light

    How do you react, when you enter a room where a blind person is sitting and the light is burning?

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